Tael.pl - internet company

Tael.pl - internet company





We continually improve our skills and obtain new certificates.


We follow the latest trends in our projects and we use the following technologies.


Our Offer

A small internet company from Gliwice. We create beautiful websites for people with great ideas.


Your new e-commerce will be:

  • tailored to your needs
  • easy to use
  • fast and ready for positioning
  • distributor integrated


Perfectly tailored to Your needs:

Is something missing in Your shop? We can develop custom modules, that will make selling easier and help increase Your income. We make modules for:

  • PrestaShop
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce

Call and find out what we can offer you: +48 506 230 946


We can create:

  • individual graphic design
  • HTML and CSS coding standards
  • websites ready for positioning
  • hosting
  • internet applications


Best graphic design for You:

One picture is worth a thousand words, use the possibilities that newest graphic design can provide for your bussiness. Increase sales, get new clients and improve your online look. We care about the fresh, detailed and original projects. We work with the best software:

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw

Call and find out what we can offer you: +48 506 230 946


Thanks to SEO you can gain:

  • adaptation to Google requirements
  • higher place in the organic search results
  • faster upload
  • client’s easier acces to your products


Use your website well:

In today’s world internet presence is essential for most businesses. However, due to the costs of implementation and maintenance of websites, many companies are opting for one of the available market open content management systems (CMS). With a wide group of developers working on them, these systems offer opportunities for further development, in line with the latest trends and standards. The possibility of creating and putting the content in the web ourselves makes it cheaper and seemingly easier. Still a lot of customers don’t explore all the possible solutions and make mistakes that can result in loss of a good position in browsers. Therfore, can you take advantage of the systems you work with? If you want to expand your knowledge and skills – our company offers training in:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Prestashop

Call and find out what we can offer you: +48 506 230 946

Tael.pl - internet company

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A small Internet company from Gliwice. We create beautiful websites for people with great ideas.

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  • BUIKUKAI Poland

    BUIKUKAI Poland

    Aikido website

  • Gliwice Sports Club

    Gliwice Sports Club

    Martial arts

  • Green Dragon

    Green Dragon

    Sports and recreation

  • Tutoring in Gliwice

    Tutoring in Gliwice


  • RG System

    RG System

    Custom windows

  • PRO Futuro

    PRO Futuro

    Electric measurements

  • CAA



  • plainindustry.dk



  • Tshirt 2

    Tshirt 2

    graphic design

  • Tshirt 1

    Tshirt 1

    graphic design

  • Tshirt 3

    Tshirt 3

    graphic design

  • Logo – Green Dragon

    Logo – Green Dragon

    graphic design

  • Logo – 40 Years of Aikido

    Logo – 40 Years of Aikido

    graphic design

  • Logo – Region Wschodni

    Logo – Region Wschodni

    graphic design

  • CAA in Warsaw

    CAA in Warsaw

    website design

  • WK Instal

    WK Instal

    website design

  • Business card 3

    Business card 3

    graphic design

  • Business card 2

    Business card 2

    graphic design

  • Business card 1

    Business card 1

    graphic design

  • Poster 1

    Poster 1

    graphic design

  • Poster 2

    Poster 2

    graphic design

  • Poster 3

    Poster 3

    graphic design

  • Delika


    jewellery shop

  • Vitamin Planet

    Vitamin Planet

    PrestaShop modules

  • Bestwin


    online wine catalogue

  • e-meblowy.pl


    PrestaShop modules

  • 3D Filaments

    3D Filaments

    PrestaShop modules

  • Luxcontrol


    WordPress module

  • Wedding Photographer

    Wedding Photographer

    portfolio graphic design

  • Shop with stained glass

    Shop with stained glass


  • Tibetan herbs

    Tibetan herbs


Tael.pl - internet company

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